An exceptional finishing job
is essential for a perfect paint job.

Affordable services for your drywall choice

Our drywall experts have seen and repaired it all, whether you nicked the wall while moving furniture or need to conceal an ugly hole. Our drywall contractors arrive on time and in uniform, ready to complete the work well.

Repair services are available for drywall damage caused by:

Cracks from settling

Damage from mice

Damage from moisture

Holes from drywall anchors

Regular wear and tear

Door knob holes

Damage from kids

Throwing darts holes

To keep your house looking excellent, professional drywall repair and maintenance is required.

We will not just do the necessary repairs. We’ll also investigate why and how the drywall was damaged (leaking roof or improper ventilation), and we’ll take preventative efforts to prevent the problem from recurring.

Finishing drywall is an artform. An exceptional finishing job is essential for a perfect paint job. Our drywall finishing services check all the boxes to ensure a seamless, professional aesthetic throughout your home.

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MAK HOME REPAIRS takes delight in both your home and our work. Because of our dedication to offering high-quality labor and courteous customer service, we are a leading provider of home maintenance, repair, and renovation services in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Boyton, and Boca Raton.

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